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Friday's photography [updated...again]

I've been rapidly cycling between hypomania and depression yesterday and today, and I needed to let off some creative steam. I felt the need for some art supplies, so after work Patrick and I took a jaunt down to Ballard's Dakota Art Store, and I stocked up on canvas, itty bitty easels (2x2"), some more acrylics (red and black) and a red pen. I'll show you the results when I'm finished if they aren't terrible.

Update: here is one result:

 Update #2: here is another one:

Update 3: I'll stop doing this now, I promise.

This one kind of sucked, so we turned it sideways and I'm pretending it's Cthulhu in tree form. With sharks. Pretend with me.
While we were there, we decided some cupcakes might be in order, so we stopped by Cupcake Royale and got ourselves a few. I had a babycake on the spot and ordered a Deathcake Mocha. Yes, there is such a thing. It was very tasty. We also got four to go, and they are currently biding their time on our kitchen counter. We may manage to wait a while before scarfing them, but it's looking doubtful.

I also decided a wander through La Tienda was in order. It's basically a shop with stuff you don't need and most of which you don't want, but it has a few gems in it that are totally covetable. One such: a necklace made out of an iridescent butterfly wing (don't worry, it died of natural causes first; the natives collect the wings from the forest floor and it provides them with income). It is stunning, and I love it.

Photos from the adventure:

Butterfly wing necklace! It looks more blue in person, and the border is actually silver, not sure why it filtered as copper.
Cupcake Royale sprinkles
I Love You to Death(cake)

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