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FFF for 12-14-12

Let's do it again!

No, that's not the key phrase for this week, though it might be for another time.....and it's always good advice.

For this week,
  1. The key word is, "Discovery"
  2. The world limit is 219
  3. Extra Credit for NOT using the word, symbol, or synonym for 3/three or any variation thereof (or in any language)
  4. Extra Extra Credit is given to anyone who suggests a FFF picture HERE.
It turns out that the linking widget was working after all my complaining, just not in the way I expected.  When you click on the "Mr Linky" logo it takes you to a screen with all the links on it.  It worked and all my wonderful friends were there waiting for me.

I like the picture for this weeks challenge, well Duh, I get to pick now, and no, I won't tell you "why" I liked it until next Friday

Hosting FFF, and really, writing for FFF for a long time, is kind of ruining porn for me.  I have tumblr full of beautiful women, but many of the pictures are just that, picture, documentaries of beautiful women, but static, lifeless, and, n  the end, dull.  Now, as I troll through hundreds of pictures on my tumblr dashboard (I'm following 174) I'm only looking for FFF candidates, pictures that tell me a story, that are more than just a beautiful body.  Tell me a story!!!

I look forward to seeing you all on Friday!!!

Tell your friends.  I found 8 posts today, I'd love to double that!!!!

Let's go!

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