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FFF 12-14 - Discovery!

Welcome to another week of Flash Fiction Friday!!!  The challenge this week was 129 words, the key word "Discovery" and well, some extra credit if anyone is paying attention.


She stood outside the open door waiting. Cool air wafted down the hall, reminding her to close the windows before they were done for the day. Her naked flesh crinkled with goose-bumps and her hand found warmth between her legs. She was surprised to find such wetness between her pale lips. She hadn’t expected that when she signed up. All she knew was that she was getting $82 a night plus free medical tests while he was pumped full of some new medication that turned out to be better for his cock than for his heart. “Unintended benefits” was the term the doctors used
‘It wasn’t prostitution because it was for research,’ she told herself. It was work, serious and scholarly. Apparently the importance of the research had been lost on the girl ahead of her in the room.  She was on her knees, groaning and grunting in near ecstasy as if it was for pleasure instead of learning. She listened to the girl and remembered why she had signed up in the first place, the tingle between her lips was real again. The timer went off, a bell sounded, and the girl inside pleaded for just three more minutes, but rules were rules and now it was her turn to discover the joy of science.


This is reserved for another version I have in my head, but I have to drive now.....  :-)


I had a bit of trouble with last week's LINK collector, so I'm trying a new widget.  It looks good in preview mode, so let's hope it works.  If it doesn't, you can always leave your name and link in the comments box, but one way or another, let us know you played!  

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