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Tthe first cold night of a overheated summer

After a week of heated political discussions, my friend said,
"Do you know what we haven't talked about lately?  Sex"

Well, this afternoon we rectified that.
A story, a shared fantasy written with a friend.

Written on the first cold night of a overheated summer

Ahh, I pull back the sheets and get into a cold bed, my naked body a little shocked by the cold, tell you to hurry and get in to warm me up. Pulling the sheet over us. Warm and soft against each other, arms enveloping, legs intertwining, lips meeting. So good.

I roll you on top of me and force you to sit, straddling me so I can look up at you and run my hands over your beautiful curves. You feel me hardening beneath you and we smile and you rock forward giving me room to grow.

Oh but I'm cold sitting up, so I lean down to kiss you, hair brushing your face, nipples grazing your chest. Your hands bring my breasts to your face, taking them in your mouth and sucking hard, making me gasp, then moan.

I'll pull the comforter up over your shoulder, I'm as hungry to look at you as to taste you, but since you like my teeth tugging on your nipple I'll oblige you as the head of my cock nudges it's way between our bodies, giving you something to grind against as I suck harder and pull you close to me.

Feeling you mouth on my nipple and your hard cock against me causes that first blush of heat and wetness, then make my lips slippery as I rub them against your cock, teasing, and aching to to feel that hardness inside.

but I don't let you, yet.

I bite down on your nipple to hold you in place as i buck my hips and slide my shaft along the outer lips. I can feel you dripping now, coating my shaft from swollen tip to tight packed balls. I sit up underneath you, taking your other breast in my hand and squeezing it tight, kissing you hard now I roll you on to your back and pin you to the bed.

only then do i release your nipple to admire my teeth marks.
Only then do I allow your thighs to spread
only then do i allow you to catch your breath.

(I have to go home now..... Cum for me, please, i will try to do the same for you)

How I love being pinned down, shown that I'm being taken, that I no longer have any control. Looking into your eyes I plead with you to fuck me, wanting oh so desperately to feel the hardness part my lips, the walls of my hot, wet cunt, to be filled, deeply.

Oh I want to finish this...

Finish the story for me

Panties off, under my down comforter, cool fingers touch soft, smooth, warm lips. I reach in to feel how wet you've made me. Yessss. Fingers bring wet warmth to my aching clit and begin massaging.....

You won't give me what I want and you enjoy watching me writhe and whimper. You bring my wrists together and pin them over my head and hold them there with one hand as the other hand grasps your shaft, sliding the head over my now swollen lips and clit and teasing at the entrance of my impatient pussy.

"Oh please, please fuck me" I beg, but you only smile and your cock grows harder as you see my back arch and my hips reach and my arms struggle against your strength. I am helpless to get what I want and that makes me desire it all the more. You know this.

You know that you completely control my pleasure and that makes your need build too, til you finally give in and plunge inside me with one long, deep stroke. I cry out at the sudden rush spreading through me as your cock fills me, the intensity building as you fuck me hard. You've released my arms and we're completely together now, arms tightly around each other, lips on lips, chest to chest, and my legs wrapped around your hips, in a sweaty, breathless rhythm, and then....

My fingers move faster as I feel my climax approaching and the moment when everything else is obliterated as I cum, thinking of you deep inside me.

Good girl. Very good.

I love e-mail, seriously I do. 
And my friends are pretty great too.
Enjoy your weekend!

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