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Fitness Challenge - Week 3

Week 2

OK EVERYBODY!!!  Don’t get discouraged, I know it’s tough, it’s always tough, but, do you know what?  As they say when gay, “It gets better.”

It does, really.
Last week I mentioned “Rebellion Week.”  Like the rising and setting of the sun, as sure as ice melts and pretty boobs and balls eventually sag, “Rebellion Week” (RW) hits me like a ton of bricks.  Well, to be more accurate, RW hits me like 5 pounds right to the gut.

It’s true.  The 1st or 2ndweek of any diet is almost a guaranteed to make me gain weight?  Do you want to know how to help starving in kids in Africa?  Have them go on a diet with me.  I promise they’ll be 5 pounds heavier by Friday. Stay with me long enough we’ll have to bring in weight watchers by helicopter.

So what is RW?  Rebellion week is the mind’s natural instinct when told it can’t have something it likes. 

Can’t have chocolate?  That’s all you crave.
Trying to cut out salt? – Every snack is a chip.
Avoiding sweets? – The world turns in to candy cane lane.  

When we tell ourselves that something is off limits, then we want it. But it also goes deeper.

For me RW is that phase where I’m not only in denial about how much work to reach my goals, but it all seems so pointless.  It just doesn’t seem to be working, the weight doesn’t come off, the gym’s not as fun, the walking friends bail at the last minute and work/home/school/pta just gets all so busy.

RW is about giving the world the big Finger and saying “FUCK YOU!  I’m fine just the way I am!!”. Yes, you are fine just the way you are, mentally, socially, spiritually (maybe) but that doesn’t make you any healthier and so remember…

Well, the only one you are giving the finger to is yourself.
   F U!  You can’t make me skip desert.
   FU ! The gym just isn’t for me.
   FU!  If they can’t love me how I am, then F THEM!
We don’t’ want to admit that we need to change.
But we do

We need to follow the basic rules that are so hard to keep.

1 – Eat Less
2 – Move More
3 – Eat Smarter
4 – Move with intention

And we know it, don’t we?  We know that 100 years of nutritional science and sports medicine is right.

Eat Less, move more.

But how?

“How” is for next week, right now it’s midnight, I’m tired, the pie I ate (give it a rest, it was peach which is a fruit and fruit’s healthy, right?) is settling nicely, I brushed my teeth, and I’m ready for bed.

Don’t give up.  Make 1 better choice each day, Move more, eat less.

When you want to rebel against the plan, call your friend who knows what you are going through.

When you want to fight against the goals, remember that they are your goals, but don’t change them. 

Stay tough with the original heartfelt goals.  Don’t downgrade them now, not when you are just getting started (OK, I really have to sleep, I deleted almost a paragraph of sleep typing that made absolutely no sense.)

Talk for 5 minutes and get through the cravings as you get up f  <--- br="br" have="have" i="i" makes="makes" nbsp="nbsp" no="no" see="see" sense....="sense...." sleep.="sleep." to="to">
Here’s my accountability report:
1 – Get to the Gym 4 days during the week and run on Saturday. –Complete.  I ran, swam, and actually did some weights.  I took off Saturday and Sunday.

2 – Take my lunch 3 of 5 working days (save $$ and calories)
 –Complete!  I took my lunch three times, went out twice, but enjoyed it all. 

3 – Stay under my calorie allotment as calculated 5 days a week
  - MADE IT, kind of .  I was just a little over , like 50 calories, and under another day, and I think I was under on Friday but I forgot to enter it, so I’m saying “kind of sort-of” on this goal.

4 – Be in bed by 11:00 PM Sunday – Wednesday 
Last week I was pretty good, but I did stay up a little late for sex, so that’s an exemption (Oh, didn’t I tell you that?)  Sex allows you to stay up 8 minutes later, 16 min if you do it twice!)  J
Yea for me!
Yeah for you!

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