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TMI Tuesday -

The LONG and the SHORT of it
1. What is the longest relationship you have been in?
My 20th anniversary is coming up soon.  There have been many times I didn't think it would last this long, I know I blew my family's betting pool year's ago.   Before that it was 18 months with a girl I almost married, hmmmm, I wonder how that would have worked out.  Oh, and I discovered my penis at 12 years old, so that affair's been going on for a long long time.  
2. What is the shortest relationship you have been in?
OK, so don't laugh.  We met at a church dance, had a fantastic night dancing, kissing, dancing some more, and laughing the night away.  Formal date was the next weekend and was more of the same, we held hands, ate dinner, walked through downtown, played a bit of grab ass and joked about getting married.  Our next date was movie night at her parent's house but when I got there her old boyfriend was there so I told her I was leaving.  She asked if I was going to fight for her, and yes, she mean fight fight, like with fists and everything.  I just walked away and cancelled the order for wedding invitations.  Elapsed time, 15 days.
3. How often do you have sex? How often do you want sex?
Have it?  1-3 times a month
Want it?  1-3 times a week.  I'm not being greedy, am I?
4. How long does sex usually last?
Are we counting cleaning the house and doing the dishes as foreplay?  If yes, then about 4 hours.  
Usually we are good for about 3o-45 minutes.  I love the warm-up, the foreplay, the bare skin, the touching the heat of kissing, exchanged of sucking, licking, biting, the whole thing.  If we didn't usually start after 10pm it might go longer, but eventually we just get tired and realize that we have to wake up the next day.
5. Have you ever had an experience where someone couldn’t perform, finished too quickly or couldn’t keep up with you? Tell us about it?
Yes, Yes, Yes.
After 20 years of marriage and 10 years of being in the field before that, it's all happened.  I've had nights where it's not happening for me, or for her, or both.  It's mostly emotional, sometimes physical, it's the anger, the frustration, the snappy comment, the snarky response, it's the buildup of resentment that comes through at the worst times.  
As for cumming to quickly, well, it depends on the foreplay, the build-up, the anticipation.  I've said this before.  On my wedding night I came after three strokes, luckily she came after two.
6. If you could only have one “type” of sexual encounter for the rest of your life, would you prefer
a) short and sweet (how did you find out my nick-name?)
b) wham bam thank you ma’am (oh yea, your mom left her purse in my car)
c) here for the long haul (that's more like it, but we have to get it on calendar)
d) slow and tender (zzzz, zzzz, zzzz)
e) I want passion.  I want to be wanted, if it lasts and hour or 10 minutes, the only thing I want, the one thing that I need is to be wanted.  It's the one thing I don't get.
Bonus: Would you consider ending an otherwise healthy and loving relationship if the sex wasn’t what you wanted?
The fact that I'm reaching my 20th anniversary answers that question, doesn't it?
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Happy TMI Tuesday!
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