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The work week is over.  I'm glad the weekend is here, but it's been a good week.  Productive at work, peaceful at home, some good TV is back, and I have been reminded, again, that I have some amazing friends here in cyberspace.

Names don't need to be named, but I have a few people that mean the world to me.  Some come and go, others are there most days in my in-box with a note, a couple are on twitter and some on Instagram, they flit and float through my life in most wonderful patterns.

Friday was just a special day in that way.  The right people saying hi at the right time, others promising to follow-up later, and all the while I know that they are out there for me, even if present circumstances prevent us from getting quality face-time.

So, on a slow news day (as they say), I wanted to say thanks to those who choose to be near me.

You make me smile and lighten my load.


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