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This month's blog chain topic is "Hot Sex With The Spouse." A couple of months ago I would've had very little to write about on this topic. For sure, I have had a lot of "hot sex" with my wife over the years, but we had been in a dry spell and it wasn't making either one of us very happy.
The atmosphere for sex of my house is a delicate balance of financial pressure due to my recently concluded unemployment, social pressure in which my mother-in-law hilariously tells my wife that she needs to put out more often, family pressure based on three kids with varying schedules, too much homework, and their propensity to stay up too late.  Couple that with a history of reluctance on her part, and tension between us, our sex life had suffered. Recently, even with all my complaining, things have improved. While our once a week schedule would horrify most of you, it sure as hell beats our once a month routine of the past year.

I love fucking my wife. Even after three kids and a lifetime of back problems, she finds time to exercise, eats right, and looks fantastic. This morning, I watched her as she took a shower and I marvel that the fullness of her breasts, the beauty of her nipples, and the soft round curve of her ass. She's not 18 anymore, but neither am I. She has a beautiful smile even though she thinks it shows too much gum line. She takes care of herself, she is clean, fresh, beautiful

Yesterday morning I woke up hard and ready to fuck.  I pulled her to my chest and we kissed for a moment and I pulled my pajama bottoms down told her to touch me. She gave me a gentle squeeze but then snuggled into my- neck and fell back to sleep. The non-rejection rejection put me in a sour mood, yet she reached out later that morning and suggested we finish things at night. I was in no mood for her apologies, which only proves what an ass I am.

Our day was busy with church, lunch, some homework, my choir practice, and dinner. After the kids have gone to bed we queued up an episode of "The Big Bang theory" and settled in on the couch. This is usually the death knell for sex, as by the time the show was over she is asleep. I suggested that at each commercial break we took off one piece of clothing, but she was nervous about the kids waking up and turned down that idea. However, at the end of the first act and while a Chevy commercial played in the background, she turned to me kissed me deeply, and we made-out during the commercials. Usually, we just fast-forward through them and get on with the show, but the 2 5 min. of kissing each break served as great prelude to what was to come next.
At the halfway point, I removed her bra, pushed up her shirt sucked on her full breasts. I love her nipples, I love the way they feel my tongue stuck to play with them. They are not her favorite erogenous zone but she takes pleasure from my enjoyment.

After the show was over, the dishes started, and the kids checked, I came into the bedroom to find her leaned back on the bed in her lingerie.  It was just the daily wear stuff, simple grey panties showing off her thighs.  I stood next to her as she lay on the bed, and undressed quickly, took her by the hand and asked her to kneel in front of me. She complied and took my cock into her mouth sucking me into full hardness as I stroked her hair. I love watching her. I love seeing her mouth slide up and down my hard shaft.

After a few minutes I took her by the hand and placed her on the edge of the bed. She had just finished her cycle and did not want me to go down on her so I spent several minutes kissing her thighs, belly, the inside of her calves, and her feet as she laid back and spread for me. This time it was her hand that pulled me up onto the bed next to her and kissed me as we lay naked next to each other

My fingers played lightly on her clit as we kissed more eagerly. She spread wide and handed me the KY jelly. A dollop on my finger made life better and moved her along. One finger, then two, then three entered her. She spread wide to give me access.
"I want to be on top this time." She said, rolling over and getting on her hands and knees so I could move to the center of the bed underneath her I love the underneath, looking up to her full figure, her hardened nipples, her beautiful smile and soft brown hair. Another bit of KY to ensure smooth sailing and I entered her.

Missionary is great. 69 is fantastic. Doggie style makes me climax the fastest, but watching her above me as she leans back and applies her vibrator to her clit as I fuck her from below is tough to beat. Her breathing changes and I can hear her orgasm approaching, she leans back further forcing my cock to the front of her cunt.  Her legs spread to give her lips room to open to the touch of the vibe. I move in steady rhythm, I have learned not to go too hard, or too deep at this moment.  Deep, steady, tight, wet, I continue my upward thrusts. She throws her head back, her nipples swell, her breasts sway, and she cums in glorious climax.
"Look at me." I increase my pace, not worried about cumming with her, but wanting to cum soon after as her aftershocks sweep over her.

“Look at me" I pulled her face to mine as I fuck harder and harder, deep inside.
My hands lock around her neck, behind her head, pulling her close as I thrust upwards as I feel her aftershocks grip and release my cock.  I kiss her deeply, my tongue ravishing her mouth as I fuck, thrust, and cum. 

"Why'd you do that?" She gasps, "why'd you make me look at you?"
"Because I want to know it's you I am fucking."

We continue to move together as my body subsides and her breathing returns to normal. A gentler mood settles, and I hold her close, wrapping my arms around her shoulders as I feel myself slide out of her. She shifts her body, adjusting to keep contact, and we kiss.


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