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Day Two - My last work rant

Wednesday, Day Two.

OK, I’ve made the drive twice, I’ve listened to Podcasts from KROQ, “This American Life”, I’ve left messages for a bunch of people, I got lost going to a new gym, I’ve tried out two different gym locations, one was old dingy, dark, and world-weary, the other one was new, nice, well organized, and dark.  They had maybe 1/3 of the lights turned on to save money and to not overwhelm patrons at 6:00 in the morning.  That’s such a different vibe than my old gym.  Same chain, but totally different vibe.  My old gym was hopping at 5:30.  Cycle class had started, aerobics was underway, the pool had a body in each lane, and the trainer were out in force.

Today’s gym, the clean one, was so quiet that it was eerie…. I didn’t have my iPod with me (forgot the headphones at home, then found them in the bottom of my laptop bag) and the club music was low, the lights were down, I wasn’t sure if I should have asked someone to dance or sit quietly and read a book.

I did my first real work today, editing a long document that will actually be published out to the project team and my name may end up on it as the 2nd author.  They just discussed it on a conference call and it’s getting positive reviews.  I didn’t write it, just cleaned it up a bit.

Neither gym had anyone pretty.  Well, I was there, and there was one girl in grey stretch pants and a pink top who looked pretty from across the way.  I was exceptionally horny this morning as I did my jump rope workout prior to swimming in a surprisingly clean pool.  I skipped and skipped and got out of breath and said out loud, “I WANT TO FUCK SOMEBODY!”  But no one answered.

The gym will be fine.  The strange thing is being back inside.  I love running outside, I love going off in to new neighborhoods, I like finding new trails, but here, on the advice of two of the locals, I may not be safe running the streets.  It’s dark now, and foggy here in the mornings.  I don’t think muggers and gang-bangers are known for being early risers, so I’m not sure the fear.  I may start driving past the freeway to a nicer neighborhood and running there.  I know that sounds awful, but I’m currently uninsured so I have to be very careful.  Mugging me and taking my wallet would be cheap, tripping on a broken sidewalk and making me go to the doctor would get expensive.

I am, however, getting over the depression of going back to work.  The larger despondency is the thought of losing touch with so many wonderful friends.  My new desk is just that, a desk, on wall behind me, a cube wall to my right, and a door to my left/back with enough traffic to keep me off anything interesting.

OK, that’s enough.  I like having a job, I’m not thrilled about going to the job, but who is?

I’ll try not to talk about work too often because I’m sure you all fell asleep about 524 words ago.

Tomorrow we’ll talk about the Internet how impossible it is to clean it up.


Oh, and I can't complain on Thursday or Friday because I get to go to an office that's only 10 miles away!!!  
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