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TMI - Cum and listen...

Cum, are you a fan?

1. We are all incurable sex addicts, but name one thing—a job, a passion, a creative outlet, a collection—of yours you use as a replacement, a distraction from constantly thinking about sex 24/7.
I run.  There are times when nothing but complete physical exhaustion takes my mind off my troubles, my woe, my needs.  Truth be told, I think about sex while I run, but it is different, it's fleeting, transitory thinking.  The cute blonde I see at the top of the hill, the mom out for her morning walk, thoughts about beautiful creatures who do their laps in sultry southern air or on who take long walks in country gardens.  I think about my friends and it makes me smile even when I'm not thinking about sex directly.  I also don't think about sex much while mowing the lawn which I did for the first time in two years.  My wife put our gardener on unpaid leave until I get a job.  
2. Have you ever loved somebody so much you thought having sex with them would actually sully the pristine purity of that love?
Aaaah, no.  
Though, I did date a girl for a bit who was so straight-laced that the thought of her having sex just didn't make sense.  I would have been like buying a bicycle as the old saying goes.  Of course, she's probably a Domme somewhere specializing in pain/wax/turtle play in SFO.
3. If you could make love to yourself, would you? Describe this experience in full detail.
Aaaah, no.  
#1. I'm not attracted to guys, no matter how devastatingly handsome they are.
#2. See #1
#3.  What if I was no good?  Then I'd be disappointed in me as a Top, and as a bottom, and that disappointment grows exponentially, and, since I'd have to make it a MFM threesome, she'd be disappointed, and that's list 16x the disappointment.  On the flip side, if I was good, I may never need anyone else again, and that's just too freaky, even for me.
#4.  I'd have to wax, and thought I'm not that hairy, I'm not sure if I'm worth the pain.
4. Cum, are you a fan? Explain and expound.
I like making it, sharing it, seeing it, you know, that stuff, but, besides from a quick taste I don't have a lot of emotion around it.  It's a pain to clean out of a car seat, difficult to hide in jeans, wonderful to see on skin, sticky when ignored, embarrassing when it shows up too soon, hard to explain when it shows up in the wrong place, and very very expensive when it meets up with a teeny little egg.  
5. Does it creep you out to know that God is watching you as you’re fucking?  
HA HA HA....  I don't care if God watches, we call out to him enough to make it a formal invitation, but I thought about my mom peering "down" for a long time after she died.  Now I wonder if she gets off watching people fuck all over the world since she didn't get to do much of it the last 20 years of her life.  At least, not with my dad, but that's a topic for another post.
Bonus: Tell us something sexy that happened to you this week.

On Monday, as my son watched TV and my girls were at a friend's house for breakfast, I had sex with my wife.  With two fingers deep and one tickling her ass and my tongue and teeth attached to her nipple, she came hard and long and then, I think, came again.  She pulled me on top and guided me in and I wasn't far behind.
As for other sexy friends, well, I got talking to a new friend, just light flirting and a few instructions and then, right in the middle, my privacy bubble burst and I left her hanging, I felt so bad, but later she shared that she made herself cum on her own, and that made me smile all day.  I'm just glad I could help get things started.
 Have a great Tuesday, and, if you haven't already, JOIN US FOR TMI TUESDAY!
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