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TMI - Big O, little o

The Big O

1 – Do you remember your first orgasm? How old were you? Tell us about it.
I can remember cumming early in life, around 11, I think.  I know I was deep in to it by 12 years old and a pro by 13.  I can’t specifically remember the first one, but I do remember the first time I shared one.  But that’s not what this question is about. 

2 – What is your favorite way to orgasm? (Sex, g-spot/p-spot, oral, etc).
Do I really have to pick a favorite?  Well, I’ll play along….
Oral.  To be blunt, I love cumming in her mouth, she rarely lets me do it
Missionary – With her ankles locked around my lower back holding me in.
Doggy – While I’m watching in the mirror.  And yes that is why I got rid of those ugly-ass fake flowers, so I can watch us fuck.
And for you?  There is nothing, nothing I love better than eating you out to orgasm in the 69 position.  Nothing.

3 – Are there any ways you want to experience an orgasm but haven’t yet?
(oral, p-spot/g-spot, with or without a vibrator, squirt, etc).
I don’t know what the big deal is with squirting, I do it every time.  And the way I want to experience orgasm?  Inside someone else.  I can give you a list, or you can just check out my blog roll.

4 – Have you ever had an orgasm in your sleep?
Oh yes, and thank you Jesus!  They have been intense, strange, forbidden, bizarre, tender, deep, copious, and all of them welcome and wonderful.  You know, that every wet dream is an angle giving you a hand job.  That’s what Mamma always taught me.

5 – What is the easiest/fastest way for you to have an orgasm?
Shower, conditioner, a locked door.  No question.

6 – How many times a week do you try to reach orgasm?
Try?  There is no try, only do.
And are all of the questions for women?  I don’t know many men where the # of attempts ≠ Number of orgasms.  Come on, it’s the beauty of being a guy, and, to me, proof that, if he exists, God is certainly a man. 

7 – Have you ever had an orgasm at the same time as your partner? Who normally cums first?
Simultaneous orgasm is a great thing once in a while I’ve had it happened many times, but it’s not the best thing, it’s just one thing.  I love making my lover cum first, I love the look on her face, the way her chest heaves, the change in her voice, the clenching of her cunt on my fingers or toy or cock.  When you both cum at the same time you miss all that, you both do.  So, while it’s great, it’s not the goal most of the time.  Besides, when I want to cum I want to concentrate on myself and how good it feels to cum for someone else.

8 – Can you have multiples?
No problem, 7 days, 7 orgasms.  Like clockwork.  J  My daily record is 8, weekly record is probably up around 21 when I was younger.  Lately?  About 4-6 a month, depending on the mood.

9 – How long does it normally take you to reach orgasm?
See answer above, about 2-3 weeks.
10 – Have you ever faked one?

I’ve faked a couple, especially when we were using condoms instead of BC pills.  Guys have a harder time, but thankfully less of a need, to fake it.  I’ve faked a couple of cybergasms and once I faked it on the phone with a friend of mine.  I was in the car in really light grey slacks and ANY, I mean ANY, stain would have been a dead give away.  But don’t worry, it wasn’t with you, I promise.  Any no, I’m not going to link to When Harry Met Sally
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Happy TMI Tuesday!

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