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Plants are taking over our bathroom.

Also, the orchids are blooming again. Only two out of three, but that ain't bad.

Yes, that purple thing you see is yet another origami crane. There's a mobile in our bathroom featuring both cranes and crystals. Gurgles enjoys spending afternoons catching the rainbows it throws off.
The white one with the pink centers is the plant I originally posted pictures of when I first got it and someone had turned it blue via food coloring. This is how it looks naturally. The black line is the cord to my curling iron.
I'm very above it all in this one. We went on a sushi date last night, so I fancied myself up again.

This was the only good picture I got, sadly. For some reason my camera fu wasn't really functioning at full capacity. The sushi chef approved. He said I looked like a doll! Very sweet. I think if I were really going for actual Doll Mode, though, I'd need some special contacts like my friend Rei has. Hers are amazing. I just can't get that huge-eyed look without them.

P.S. I promise I'll stop posting pictures of myself now. I'm not actually that self-absorbed. It's just that I realized I'm going to be a million years old some day and then I'll be sad if I don't at least have something to remind me how once I didn't look like a dessicated potato. Youth! I totally didn't appreciate you when I was in my 20s. So by god I am going to wallow around in you now.
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