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Monday Update zzzz zzzz

I haven't had much time to write lately.  In some ways that's a good thing, but mostly it's bad.  It means that my private time is minimal, my energy is low, and my thoughts are wandering.

Last week I helped plan and put on a community triathlon, I attended a conference on change management and process improvement (very very interesting), I went to a track meet (D1 raced, felt good, but seriously, she needs to run faster), I attended a church youth dance (things haven't changed much since I was a teenager, is that scary or good?), I went to a business lunch, met with the Welfare people about food stamps (I will tell them about the new job when I get paperwork actually signed), I filled out paperwork for my new job, I had 4 orgasms (3 solo, 1 with wife), and only went running 3 times in the past 7 days, including today (4 miles, 38 minutes).

I will start the new job sometime next week.  Today I get fingerprinted, and hopefully probed.  Is it too much to hope for a cavity search by Janice, the cute fingerprint girl?

I still have mixed feelings about the job, mostly around the long commute.  Last night my wife basically told me to "Man up" and deal with it, but it is still going to suck.  I've found a gym in the neighborhood and will renew my membership so I'll have a place so run and shower before work.  Or after.  I need to find productive spaces to kill time while traffic dies down.

Maybe I'll just camp out at Starbucks after work and write to my wonderful friends while I drink a Vanilla Pure and  have brownie.  That might work very well....

OH well, tomorrow is TMI Tuesday, I hope to have something more interesting to say then.

Have a wonderful Monday and welcome to my newest follower, Woot.  that makes 170!!!
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