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I challenged a friend of mine to describe a fantasy as a way to build her sexual vocabulary.  
I think she did very well.

Don't you?


My play time?  Not sure how to explain... wish I knew which details
you want to hear.  I was lying there trying to sleep.  Starting
thinking of you calling me... talking in my ear.  Odd thing is, I
don't know what you'd say or what you sound like.  So I... skipped
that part and decided it would be good... that it would make me feel
good, and get me to touch myself.  So I did it... tossed a leg over the
edge of the bed to get the spread, used my left hand to move my
underwear (the new ones with the black dots on white background),
grabbing both lower lips, twisting and pressing... digging in as if to
scratch, arching my back, thinking of you  - strong and sweet in my
ear, saying what you'd do if you were there.  And then you were
sitting in the wing chair in the corner, touching yourself while you
watched me - telling me things to keep me going so I wasn't
self-conscious.  Like I see in the tumblr but have never seen in
person.  So I focused on your voice and swiveled my palm outside over
my clit... and my right hand on my left nipple, fingernails dug in...
pressing until I exploded.  And I saw you smile.
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