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FFF PT 2 - Forever Watching

A friend has a friend who's a photographer.
Trust is always an issue. 
Sometimes it goes as planned.
Sometimes it goes as feared.

I wrote this for her, and had to wait until she read it before posting.  This goes up with her blessing.


“What the hell do you think you are doing!”

"Shut up and watch."

"You promised it would only be pictures." I could feel the tears in my eyes , “only pictures."

"Did you really think that?" I hated him for the laughter in his voice. “Look at her. She loves it."

"You knew what would happen," I could see his hand in her hair, controlling the new girl, "she's so perfect.”

"I thought I was perfect you bastard." I was yelling. "Isn't that what you said last night?"

"Shut up and strip. You knew what would happen and you still gave me permission."

"But I trusted you! You son of a bitch." I felt my body changing as I stayed, transfixed. "Stop fucking her!"

"Listen slut,”  He used his free hand to get leverage, “if you aren’t naked the next 30 seconds I'm going to fuck her forever make you watch every stroke.”  He stared at me as I dropped my skirt and pulled my tank top and bra over my head.

I was lost in the haze of anger and arousal. He promised me it would only be pictures, but I touched my clit and I watched his cock slide in and out of the new girl. I couldn't stop watching.

"Deeper.” I heard myself say.

“Deeper!" I screamed again, crossing the room.

She protested the pain and my hand stung as it crossed her cheek.

Tears were in her eyes.

"That's better.  Now let's take some pictures."

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