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FFF - A cool drink

301 or less,  “...chagrin….”

She stepped away and stood in front of the large glass windows, it was a beautiful morning and the cool glass of her drink felt good against her skin.  She felt them watching her ass as she moved, and that was OK, she had spent hours in the gym making it watchable.  To her chagrin, her youthful indiscretion still declared her love for Daniel in permanent ink at the base of her spine.  But that was OK too.  If she quieted herself, she could feel him holding her on the tour bus as they rolled through the Ohio country-side from one country fair to the next.

But that was then. 

She straightened herself up, arched her back, and put herself on display.  Scooping an ice cube from her drink she rubbed it across her nipples as they watched them pucker.  She spread and flexed her inner muscles and expelled one, two, then three large beads.

מפליא” he moaned, “לכן, זו הסיבה שהייתה הדוקים מדי.”

She let them stare as she circled her clit with the ice and pulled bead after bead from her aroused cunt.  She let herself go.  The arousal was real, the orgasm the perfect prelude. 

“Oh Fuck!” as she forced her legs to stay open so they could see.  “Closer!” they gathered closer.  She locked eyes with Isaac and called him over with a twitch of her eyes.  “Kneel” she hissed and he put his mouth inches from her.

The last bead popped out and she came with a scream and wrapped the beads around his neck.  He was dead before her 2ndorgasm hit, and in their aroused, confused, and intoxicated haze, his friends soon followed.

She called her handler from the hotel phone.  “I’m done here” and got to work.  .

There were bodies to hide.


I love the picture and wish I had time to write more....

Have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend!!!

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