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Musings while waiting for my beloved husband to get home from that damn opera

Yes, again. This gig is heeeeeinously long. Love the cash and the musician street cred, hate the time away from my man.

Every once in a while I come across something that makes me think I should do more to take in a sip of popular culture now and again. So I sip, and I enjoy (or revile), and I imagine this fantasy world in which I'm great at all these stupid social networks, and I have like 80 millionty friends, and of course in these fantasies I'm thin and gorgeous and am the most amazing person ever because YEAH, I'm ME!

And then after I've had my pipedream sip of pop culture, I realize that the effort to maintain something like that would take about forty people working 24/7/365.

With only moi? The odds are not in my favor. <- That dippy sentence right there was for my Hunger Games girls out there, I love ya!

Sorry I can't think of better homages! Or whatever. Tributes! No, too obvious. Shut up! Good idea...

So, right. I guess I have to ration my exposure to this stuff and try to just get the good bits, y'know? Cause lord knows I don't fancy getting a face full of 4chan's latest abomination whenever I feel the need to expand my horizons.

What I believe I'm finally getting at here is that I'm a selective recluse. And I LIKE it! I can just pop out when I feel like it, nab a tender morsel to enjoy, and pop right back in.

This post has probably single-handedly made sure none of you will ever visit me again. I mean, what if I've gone all albino and taken up subterranean emu breeding?! You just never know.

I would like to take a moment and thank Ambien for making this little slap of crazed blogger graffiti possible.

I took it last night to sleep as my back was hurting, and I actually managed to get a few hours pain free this morning before it came burning right back. So I'm gonna try that again and see if it helps. Nothing else has, so why not?

Up next tomorrow: In Which I Get Stuffed In A Very Noisy Tube Wearing Only My Skivvies And Some Ghastly Hospital Couture.

I know you're all just DYING to hear about that...
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