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Good News for a Friend

With no FFF on the boards today, I thought I'd pass on some good news, plug a fellow blogger's blog, and make my semi-annual pitch for one of the few good things I do in life.

Donate Blood

I've been donating blood and platelets for over 20 years as time and location have permitted.  I recently got my 10 gallon pin and thought that was pretty hot stuff.  Then Monday, when I was donating again, I meet two people who put me to shame.  One guy got his 29 Gallon pin, and the lady next to him said, "That's nice, I got my 32 gallon last spring."  Great one-upsmanship between senior citizens.  I have a long way to go to catch up.

So why donate blood?  If you qualify, your blood goes to help others, sometimes many different people.  Whole blood is used in emergency rooms, surgery, and therapeutic applications.  Whole blood is also broken down in to components that can be used in more specific areas, helping several people with just one donation.  Lately I have focused on platelet and plasma donations.  These take a little longer, but at my center, I get to watch a movie while I donate, so the time goes quickly and I get free movie tickets as a thank-you.  I haven't paid for a movie in years. When ever my kids are planning a movie night, they tell me to go donate, they are very mercenary.

  The Blood supply is always low.  If it sounds like the Red Cross and others are always asking for donations, it is because they always are.  Blood is needed. Healthy Donors are needed. I know a lot of my readers may not be eligible to donate because of certain lifestyle choices (see the eligibility requirements), but many, many of you can donate, and we need you to.

I've always donated partly because I know that someday I'll do something stupid and end up needed it for myself.  But there are other reasons to give blood.  

One reason is to support your fellow bloggers.  Several people I read, or have read, have faced, or are facing, battles with cancer.  Jen just posted the fabulous news that she is cancer free and feeling great.  It's fantastic news for a great blogger and wonderful writer.

So let's review.
1 - Donating blood is easy.  
2 - You get juice and cookies at the end
3 - Some of the nurses are hot.
4 - If you do platelets, you get more goodies
5 - You keep sexy bloggers alive.

See, it's all good.

So, now that you are all excited about donating blood and saving lives and being good citizens, go DO SOMETHING about it.

In the US you can call the American Red Cross
In the UK you can call the National Blood Service
And almost anywhere, you can call your local hospital and get instructions.

Please, go, donate, do what you can, and if you can't donate your own blood, go volunteer.  The life you save may be the one you meet next week on ChatRoulette.  :-)

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