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FFF - On the bus....

257 - Convention
Uhhhmmmm…he didn’t even know where to start.

Yes?  She kept a straight face but was laughing hysterically inside.

Uhh, well,
he gulped, uhhhh, why are you all naked?  He was barely able to breath

I’m not naked,
she said with a smile, I’m wearing a hat.

Ah, yes,
he shifted in his seat, trying to hide his growing erection, yes, yes, indeed, he stammered, you are wearing a hat, but for the most part, he put up his hands, uhm um, yes, you are most definitely wearing a hat, but for the most part, you are, truly, umm, naked

I’m also wearing shoes
.  She turned to him faced him, smiled openly, and forced him to make eye contact with her.

He tried not to look down, tried so hard, but he wanted to see if she was, in fact, wearing shoes.  His eyes traveled down her body, across her collar bones that caught the sun through the bus window, along the purple flax braided into her summer blond hair, across her shapely and around breasts and downward, he told himself, in search of shoes.

She was, in fact, and most definitely, wearing shoes, simple black pumps, heels stylishly tall, but not ridiculous.  She watched him look at her and slowly moved the notebook from her lap.  She put her hand gently on his shoulder and guided him to his knees.

Why are you on my bus, naked, and so beautiful? 
He asked.

We are going to protest the fashion show at the convention center, we’re anti-fur protesters
. (257)

.  Her knees parted.  We believe the killing of innocent animals is a sin against nature.

He felt his knees scraping the dirty floor of the city bust as they bounced along in the growing heat. His dry cleaner was going to charge him a fortune.  He put his hands on her thighs, they were so soft.

Another voice joined.  The girl with the glasses leaned in close.  People were not meant to kill for their clothes, she said as she undid the buttons on his $120 shirt.

Hat girl undid his tie.  Be careful with that, he heard himself saying, it cost… he stopped talking as two hands slipped inside. The heat increased as Hat spread her legs and pulled him in.  Sweet, salty, sweaty, wet, his knees screamed as the bus hit a pothole but he did not stop.  Glasses undid his belt and he heard the metal tinkle like ice in a glass, suddenly the air of the bus felt cool on oddly bared flesh.

Hat girl shifted her hips and came loudly for her fellow protesters, no shame or reticence clouded her pleasure.

He was pulled off his knees and to the bench by others; all naked, dark, delicious and hungry.  His shoes were gone, then socks, pants, and boxers.  The bench was uncomfortable on his back, but Hat girl’s voice calmed him. 

He gasped as her mouth enveloped him

What about the convention?  The protest?

The women all giggled, Hat Girl stroked him gently, we are anti-fur, but totally pro-meat. (257)

I know i'm waaaay late getting this up today, but please forgive me.  Today I...

ran 5 miles
dropped of my kids to school
went to the grocery store
ate a pastry and chocolate milk to counteract the running
vacuumed the living room, kitchen, and hallways.
made 48 mini-muffins
shredded 2 pounds of cheese
had sex with my wife
showered again
helped her pack for vacation
helped daughter pack for vacation
picked up kids from school
came home, kissed wife and D1 good-bye for the weekend
got snack for the other kids.  
Now posting.

And, maybe later, i might talk about writing about naked black women on a bus makes this white male writer nervous.  Can I make a Rosa Parks reference?

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