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It's 5:00 AM, a little before actually, but in her time zone it's 6:00, and that is when her alarm is going off.  She's waking up right now, stretching her slim figure with her arms up over her head, her toes pointed hard at the bottom of the bed like a waking ballerina, every muscle tense, her mouth open in a yawn, her bare breasts, still tender from the night before, reaching gently for the ceiling.  But now they are covered by his mouth and her muscles, interrupted in their morning stretch, snap back in to position as his teeth bite down again.

She giggles and pulls his head in tighter, urging him to suck long and deep, to get her nipple deep inside his warm mouth, the tightly trimmed beard on his chin leaving a gentle red mark on the flesh of her breast.  He obliges her and relishes her hard nipple on his tongue.  So perfectly shaped, so responsive and full, the nubbly flesh tickles his tongue and he feels her breathing increase in pace.  As he sucks and pulls, she moves them onto their sides to create just enough space for his morning-hard cock to spring free.  She lets one hand slide down his side, over his bare hip (how she loves sleeping naked) and she takes him in her hand.

"It's been too long" she thinks as she feels his cock swell in her palm.  She loves cock, the utter maleness of it all, the miracle of transformation from soft and silly looking to hard and long and phallic and powerful and the object of her total desire.  She is learning to love his cock as she encourages him to suckle at her breast, she begins to stroke him, the skin moving up and down the shaft under her grip, the sac tightening and moving in delayed rhythm.  She wanted him to cum right then, to feel the warm sticky flood of semen over her small hand, to see it spurt forth, long ropes of cum, "oh fuck" she thought, not breaking the moment with works, but it wasn't quite the time.

The hand on the back of his head pulled him in tight and he followed her lead and bit hard, leaving his mark and making her his for the day.  She would smile and caress that mark through her blouse and bra during lunch as she quietly (her two secretaries were such busy-bodies) leaned back in her chair, lifted her skirt, and remembered the feel on his teeth on her breast at this moment.

She gripped his hair and pulled him off her tit.  With an audible 'pop' his lips removed themselves and they both moaned at the loss. She pulled his head back down to the pillow and kissed him hard, her other hand never losing rhythm on his dripping cock.  She glanced up a the clock, 6:00 AM.  He looked up at her, "Please" he whispered, aching to be inside her.  "No." she whispered back, breathless from the kiss.  "You know why I can't let you in," she slipped down the bed, beneath the blanket, and reciprocated for his efforts from the night before, "yet."  She added.  He went from groaning at denial to moaning in pleasure as she enveloped him in one smooth motion.

She realized, again, how much she loved sucking cock.  She was a slut for it, for the heat of it, the hard shaft, the smooth skin pulled tight, the tender head on the rough roof of her mouth, the tickle of pubic hair on her nose as she fought the gag reflex and felt him cut off the air at the back of her throat.  In seconds flat he was moaning and gripping her head.  "I'm going to...."  She knew he was, and this time she didn't pull back, she relaxed and opened her thighs and throat and in 2 seconds flat he came inside her mouth.

Oooooh, the pleasure of that feeling, the acceptance she felt and offered in return.  He came so much that she worried about swallowing it all. She kept her lips locked around him as swallowed again and again.    Satiated, spent, but still hard, her rolled her on to her back and kneeled between her thighs.  His thumbs hooked in the waist band of her purple panties and he pulled them down, and off.  He muttered how sexy it was that her panties were soaked for him, and she smiled because they were soaked for another, for the one who gave them to her to be worn at moments like this.

His scruffy chin tickled on her sensitive inner thighs as he kissed his way back up, all they way up, to her very wet cunt. He inhaled deeply, purposefully, and then kissed and spread her outer lips.  He teased her with delay as he stroked her inner lips with the tip of her nose, but when she groaned in frustration, it was all tongue after that.  He lapped and sucked at her clit and played with her breasts and held her open for his devouring.  Lost in the sensation she came over and over again, losing count, losing track, losing herself in the early morning light.  She felt everything, his stubble, his strength, he hungry moaning and her grinding hips.

"This is wonderful" she said, gasping and grinding without pause, "this is just what I need...."

He knealt up and pulled her spread thighs to his body and begged to fuck her, "Please, Please."  He wanted to feel her soft sweet pussy around his cock.  She politely refused, reluctantly pulled away, and repositioned herself to avoid the temptation.

She walked away and showered while he dressed to leave.  He had his place, not "Mr. Right", but "Mr. I like how he makes me cum", and that would be good enough for now.

She washed away the smell, but not the pain or the marks or the tingle that still made her cunt twitch and glisten.  He was gone by the time she dried off and unlocked the bathroom door.  He had laid out a cute set for the day, a black satin bra and black and white gingham patterned panties.  At least they would match enough for the day.  She already new they wouldn't last long.  She hated wearing wet things.

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