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Outdoors - Fantasy or Memory?

“We were hiking in the Angeles Crest national park in the early morning.  Few hikers were on the trail and we held hands and laughed, keeping our voices down to honor the silent morning.  It was an anniversary trip and the kids were home with my mother.  As I held his hand and walked up the trail, the plan formed in my head. As the sun came up and the temperature increased I saw my opportunity. A large flat rock facing the sun just off the trail behind some trees.  I couldn’t imagine I was the first one to think of it. 

I took him by the hand and stepped off the trail and without a word, pulled my shorts down to the ground and leaned against the rock.  “Fuck me”

"He resisted at first, even trying to get me to pull my shorts back on, but I was bound and determined to check this off my bucket list.  "

"Hurry!"  I was giggling now, wondering if, no, not if, when we would hear other hikers on the trail. 

I felt him cracking as I reached to his shorts and grabbed is hardening cock. “HURRY"

I still have a small scar on the small of my back from that afternoon.  He was amazing, losing all control as he fucked me up against the rock.  He felt huge inside my cunt...inside me.... His hands held me tight by the shoulder and ....... OH FUCK it was good.”

I can’t believe you just told me that.  I can not believe it.

She laughed as we leaned up against the tree in her backyard.  Her husband, the man who gave her the scar, was a friend of my wife’s from high school.  It was their annual 4th of July party and we had found ourselves alone and just talking.

“Show me the scar” I said.  I found myself saying it, not asking.  Maybe it was my first command.

“What?” her eyes went wide, “now?”


She took me by the hand and led me to their garage.  The door closed behind me and she turned her back to me and unbuttoned her pants.  She pulled them down a couple of inches.  A small silk thong came in to view.  “Pull it down to see it."  She said in a whispered giggle.

I reached out and hooked my finger in her panties and pulled them down an inch.  A small set of pale lines came in to view on the small of her back, right at the top of her ass. 

I stroked the love marks with the tip of my index finger.  I scraped the soft skin with my fingernail and then slid it inside her panties and down the soft crack.  She grabbed the laundry bend in front of her as I slipped in further, my smooth fingernail inching closer and closer.

“Are you wet Samantha?”


“Did you like getting this scar, Samantha?”


“What do you want right now, SAMANTHA?”

“I want to……”  The door of the garage rattled and I stepped backwards into the shadow of the freezer.

“Mommy, mommy, daddy said he needs more chips.”

“OK Sweetie”

Her voice cracked and strained to come out as a sweet mommy voice as she patted her daughter’s head, took her by the hand, and walked out, snapping her pants and adjusting her blouse as they went to find more chips.

I left the garage from the other door and wandered through the front yard to allow myself to catch my breath.  A few minutes later she re-appeared from the house with chips in her hand and a modified outfit.

“I like the new shorts.”

“The other ones were,” she smiled “a bit damp thank you very much.” 

“That’s nice to know.”

I spent the rest of the afternoon chasing the kids, shaking hands with high school friends I did not know, and watching her by her husband’s side.  When he wasn’t looking, she would smile.
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