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I got a new phone! And bikers looking stupid.

I was really trying to hold out for the iPhone 5 (various reasons), but my poor old phone was just so tired and needed a rest. RIP 3G. It is time for the 4S! It is SO much faster.... I am a very happy girl. I can actually see my blog! And the rest of the internet! I'd been out of contract for a while (a year-ish), so this was kind of overdue. I was just being stubborn about it. Patrick had been trying to get me to upgrade for a while, and I'm sure he's very pleased that he no longer has to feel sorry for me and my stone-age phone. :p Also, I can finally stop borrowing his phone every time I want to take a non-crappy picture.

I got a white one and a battery pack-integrated case for it. The case is a lovely red, and I'm a huge fan of the entire package. The battery on my old phone was amazingly still working after three years, but if I'd listen to music for a few hours I'd then have to be really careful not to text too much or it would drain rapidly. Now I should be fine for basically ever. The battery case has its logo on the front, so my phone now appears to be named mophie (not capitalized on purpose). It's pretty adorable. Just imagine a white phone in that picture I linked to and you will know what it looks like.

Really, it's a little weird not having a phone that looks like I found it in a dumpster. The clear case around my other one had cracked in a couple places, so I used tape to hold it together, and it looked pretty hobo chic. Hopefully I will remember this new one actually is mine...

Conversation Patrick and I had on the way to work this morning about a biker's silly outfit:

Me: That guy looks like an asshole.

Patrick: Who, polka dots up there?

Me: Yeah, that just looks stupid.

Patrick (to the biker): Dude, those are reserved for the best mountain-climber in the Tour de France, and you do not look like you are that guy.

Me: What?

Patrick: Yeah, the best mountain-climber wears polka dots. They track how fast you climb the mountains, and the fastest person wears a jersey with polka dots on it.

Me: They couldn't find anything studlier than polka dots?

Patrick: Well, the lead guy wears yellow.

Me: I didn't know that either. Like, is there one with flowers and ponies on it?

Patrick: Yeah, the best sprinter wears that. Ponies, hearts, flowers.

Me: Maybe if you win you get to wear the Brony jersey. This sport is so retarded.
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