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FFF July 13 - Insinuate (Updated)

Part 1:

She looked down at Chloe and tried to hide a smile.  They had insinuated themselves into the group to investigate on-campus drugs, and now her partner was about to be initiated as their 2
nd in command.  The pseudo-sexual rituals of the group amused her at first, so serious they were, so full of Greek myth and legend, but now all she cared about was the safety of her friend and the growing wetness between her legs.

Chloe looked peaceful as she lay between her and the Sisterhood Matron, her bare flesh stroked by eight hands as the Matron quietly led them through the “Promise Oath.”  Secrecy, Success, and Sisterhood they incanted aloud…and sex and sucking and slippery and sensuality….she added silently.

Voices raised, knees spread, hands touched, fleshed caressed, and Chloe cried out in ecstasy as the ceremony ran its course.  Working undercover had never been so rewarding.

Part 2

She lay across their knees and felt 8 warm hands caressing her.  Closing her eyes she enjoyed each woman’s touch.  Her body clenched and flowed as she gave herself over to the ceremony.  “Secrecy, Success, and Sisterhood...” The sibilant words snaked into her head as the ceremonial orgasm grew within her.  She barely remembered why she insinuated herself in the Sisterhood, all she knew now was the pleasure of the beautiful women under her command and loyalty to the Sisterhood. 

She looked up at The Matron intoned the oath.

She looked at Samantha, her partner, and felt gentle, rhythmic tugs on her nipples.  It was too late, all she wanted to do was cum.  As the orgasm ripped through her she realized that the rhythm on her nipples had meaning, hard, soft, hard…“Don’t Forget.” It reminded her of duty, But she had already chosen where her loyalty belonged.  

Part 3

Chloe’s body shivered and thrashed as the Matron completed the oath and dragged the blade diagonally across Chloe’s heaving breast. 

“Feast my Darlings…” she whispered.

Chloe felt the wonderful heat of the two strange mouths suckling at her breast, making her vow a blood oath.  They tasted the copper scented red and took in her hard nipples and pleasured their newest leader. 

The Matron looked sternly at Samantha who watched her partner writhe in orgasmic pleasure. 

“Show your loyalty.” Her voice was cold and suspicious.

The two underlings sensed the tension and backed out.

Samantha put her palm on the Chloe’s wet red breast and began to squeeze.  Hard, Soft, Hard.

She leaned in and whispered for all to hear, “I am yours always, loyal to the end.”

Her tongue insinuated itself into her partner’s mouth and she sucked, sealing their bond of sisterhood and loyalty.

Hard, Soft, Hard….

Two days at camp with no laptop has but me behind schedule.  I'll try to add my second version this afternoon!!

Thanks to Ram for hosting gain this week.

Follow-up commentary
I love the challenge of FFF for three reasons:

  1. The word limit forces me to edit edit edit, and I have learned to do that in real life.
  2. The time limit forces me to STOP editing in my head and just start writing
  3. The key words and pictures are great inspiration but don't tie me to anything specifically.

On a side note, I looked at the picture quickly because, without any privacy, having 5 naked women on my screen may arouse suspicion.  It wasn't until JUST NOW, as I posted parts 2 and 3, that I noticed that all of the women are holding eating utensils.  I've had this happen before where I see, but don't understand the picture until later.  Maybe that's why my posts are so much different than everyone else's, I'm seeing a different picture.  LOL

Have a great weekend!!!
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