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I'm tucked away at the library today, a quiet corner where no one can see my screen, but they would hear me if I tried to talk on the phone.  No one can see me at the moment, at least I can't see anyone.  Perhaps the coed I held the door for is watching from beyond the stacks, hidden behind the desk while watching.

I'm here to work on my business plan and a database re-write.  I didn't get the big consulting project I was hoping for but my friend is still willing to help me develop some software for the industry and I still believe there is a market for my idea.  I'm working on it with another friend and he already as a technical partner who will build us anything we need.  It has promise, now I just need to design it.

My other task is my business plan.  What do I want to do?  How much money can i make? how much do I need to make?  How many clients do I need to make that money? (more that zero, I can tell you that much).  it is forcing me in to a reality check.  I'm a blogger, if i wanted reality I'd turn off my computer. Who needs that drama?

while I didn't get the project, I did have (yet another) good phone interview with a project management / consulting company.  Maybe I should go in to phone sex.  Apparently I'm wonderful on the phone but suck in person.  I've had several "great" phone interviews yet here I am, sitting at the library at 10:27 on a Thursday.  My interviewer had very positive things to say about me and will "recommend me to the LA team" but we'll see what happens.

Other tidbits.
My toe isn't broken, just bruised up and I'll be able to run tomorrow.
No Sex since early last week.
My daughter passed her written driving test so now I get to practice driving with her on real streets.
I'm playing a duet with my daughter at her piano recital in September.
Right now I'm listening to "Mars - Bringer of War" by Gustav Holtz.  A favorite.
I've added a bunch of pictures to my Tumblr queue after taking a week long break.  I've been cutting back on the porn a bit, just to keep my mind clear.  It really can take up your whole day.
My niece, who is too young to look at, will be incredibly beautiful and quite dangerous in 4 years when she turns 18.  She'll be very dangerous at 16 when she hits her figure and realizes the power she will have over the boys in her life.
My son's vocabulary cracks me up.  While getting seated on a patio dining table, he looked out over the valley and said, "The view really is incredible from here."  He is 7.
I'm ignoring my work because when I get to it, I'm afraid I won't know what to do.
That frightens me.

OK, time to go.  Have a great day and we'll see you all for Flash Fiction Friday.  Start writing!
(Hmmm, RAM, who has been hosting, is having trouble with his web-site.  I hope he's OK)

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