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This post will probably only interest gamers, and maybe not even them.

Diablo II had three difficulty levels: Normal, Nightmare, and Hell. You played through the same content three times, but since the levels and creatures were (for the most part, a few uniques excepted) randomly generated, it was always a least a bit surprising. Plus the gameplay was very addicting, which is what kept people playing for over ten years since it came out.

You have to beat each difficulty level before you can move onto the next one, and there's also a level cap, so you can't get to Nightmare before you're 30, can't get to Hell before you're 50. (Presumably can't get to Inferno before you're 60, but why you'd want to is beyond me. You'd just die.) This is to prevent people from dragging lower level characters through with their high level ones.

Diablo III has one additional difficulty level: Inferno. It's designed to be incredibly hard, and so far it's challenging but not impossible. When I'm in an Inferno game by myself, I've been able to kill all the elite packs I've run across. This is saying something! Sometimes you have to cheat and kite (leading the monsters along behind you in a sort of, dare I say it, PARADE) to a doorway leading into another level, like a dungeon entrance, that they can't follow you through. Then they'll sit there right outside it and you can pop out when your invulnerability skill is ready (mine is diamond skin), bomb them a bit, and then pop back inside.

For stuff that has damage reflect, invulnerable minions, etc, this is basically the only way to do it. At least, the only way I've found. There are probably a bunch of other ways depending on what character you're playing, but I am a wizard and when they are faster than I am, I tend to get pounded unless I use this strategy.

I did find Developer Hell last night, haha. It's a randomly spawned dungeon in a cemetery that contains only undead named after developers, with their job titles beneath their names. The end boss is a guy named Jay Wilson or something, and if you kill him you get an achievement called Smash! Jay, Smash! I don't know. Whatever. Maybe they had an inside Hulk joke going on at Blizz? At any rate, none of them dropped any good loot.

I was fooling around in Inferno last night and had two elite mob packs (lobbing mortars, exploding ice shard globes, arcane sentries [sort of like 360-degree lightsabers on the ground that rotate], invulnerable minions, leaving molten trails behind them, etc) following me, along with three or so packs of non-elite creatures. In Inferno, this is a Big Deal. One of those elites can one-shot you (which, if you do not know, means that they can kill you in a single hit), and having two packs at once after you is bad.

Fortunately neither of my elite packs had the super fast modifier, so I was able to just kite the whole stupid mass of them around and around this clump of trees, dropping blizzards (an area of effect spell that sends ice shards shattering down all over the ground and dealing damage, plus slowing enemies) and venom hydras (three-headed hydra that spits poison at enemies and leaves a pool of acid for them to stand in that does damage every second) in my wake. Slowly they dropped out one by one, and I finally managed to kill them all. Yay, me! The whole business was very exciting.

I've had to really work on improving my kiting skills in Inferno. I was okay at it for Normal-Hell, but Inferno is a whole different ballgame. I got myself a new weapon which I haven't got a picture of yet, but here is a picture of me with the weapon I had just before it:

Who said you can't be a gamer and girly at the same time?
Yep, I've got wings! I love them. They glow and wave gently behind me. It looks like they're sort of lopsided in this screenshot, but it's just the camera angle. They're lovely. With the burning bow and the wings, I fit right in when I'm in Act IV, which takes place in the High Heavens. Patrick once mistook another NPC angel for me! Now I have a burning staff, which isn't quite as angelic looking, but it does a lot more damage.

I named my wizard Morgause, for the Queen of Air and Darkness in T.H. White's The Once and Future King. I thought it'd be fitting for such a character class. Fortunately with the adoption of Battletags, you can name your characters whatever you like now without having to worry if your server already has a character with that name on it. Everyone should adopt this, and then we can all avoid having 17 different spellings of Destroyer.

I love this game so much. Even when it's frustrating, it's fun. Thanks for not failing us, Blizz. Kisses.
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