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I had a really killer dream last night.

I've been having a lot of dreams where I'm Morgause, my wizard in Diablo III, and last night was no exception. It's so awesome to dream I'm her. Kind of a tie between this and flying dreams, because in this you get to send magic flying everywhere with a flick of your fingers. It's truly splendid.

Anyway, in last night's episode, I and a group of others were trying to escape from this winged, vaguely demonic-looking black and red creature through a series of rooms and puzzles. There was someone with me who was a combination of Giles from Buffy the Vampire Slayer (TV show, not movie) and this guy named Jim I used to work with at the sleep lab a long time ago. He was very useful for the riddles and weird traps that littered the place, and I took care of all the damage dealing and slowing that creature down.

There was some hand-to-hand fighting at one point when the creature briefly caught up to us, but I handled the skirmish easily, and after I'd thrown it over a cliff we had peace to run again for a while. That part was a bit anxious, since it was hissing all sorts of things at me in a deep voice, but it was still loads better than other dreams I've had.

There were people doing creepy things in a few of the rooms, and I remember telling myself that I didn't want to know what they were doing, since I already had a feeling (dissecting babies), so I deliberately didn't look any closer. At one point they thought they'd locked me in a room for Demon Wings to find, but I broke out through a window and dove into a lake to swim off. It was all very adventurous! I remember Patrick was there as well, but I can't recall what his role was. Most of it was done in shades of black and red, but there were some bits of gold and steel littered around as well.

One of the impressive rooms had several levels to it, part of a garden, and a dilapidated chandelier. This was one of those dreams where you wake up now and again, but as soon as you go back to sleep you fall back into it and continue where you left off. I have those pretty regularly. Fortunately this was one of the entertaining ones, although it's kind of sad to wake up and realize you don't really have magic powers.

Much like when I had this Lara Croft dream once (the heroine from the video game Tomb Raider and several fairly terrible movies), I'd spent so much time shooting with her .45s that when I woke up I reached down for my hip holster and was like where are my guns?! You really live these types of dreams. No wonder I'm tired today!
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