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A day for Dangerous Things

I want to fuck.
I want to call her and tell her that she's forgiven
I want her back
I want her sister back
I want the cute 18yo at church back
I want any of them, all of them, in my back yard right now.

I want to text things I should never say.
I want to send pictures I should never take.
I want to fire up Skype and get her on line and be bold and demanding and make her beg.
I promise not to ask questions, but to give orders.
I promise to make you do the things you want me to make you do.
And when we are done. I will not say thank you.
That much I can promise.

I want the pretty mom with the doe-soft eyes to call me over for drinks.
I want my texting friend to admit what she wants and unlock her front door.
I want you on the floor, facing the fireplace, spreading yourself and asking.
I want too much, I want dangerous things.

But don't expect me to be gentle.
Don't ask for love or tenderness or a return e-mail.
Don't ask for my real name, or my childhood dreams
Don't tell me your sad story, your funny quip, or your shopping list.
Just kneel, and prepare yourself.

I will take what I want today and toss you to the side.
You will be done soon, don't worry about that, I don't need scintillating conversation today.
Speak to me with your hands, with your kisses, with your teeth and tongue.
Use words unspoken, passion released, answer my questions with a grunt,
and my needs with a scream.

I don't care when your husband gets home
of if your neighbors will hear
of if you smell of cum and sweat and tears when you go home.
Get over hear, the door is open for you, always open for you.
The backyard is hot, the sun is blazing, we will bake together
and feel the fire from within and without.

But as you walk through my home and in to my yard,
you will pad on bare feet with bare skin.
today is not a day for hiding behind clothes
or under blankets
or behind trees.

This is a day for open air and bared flesh and getting rid of tan lines.
I have no shame today
No editor in my head
No patience for reticence.

today is a day to be bold.
today is a day for dangerous things.

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